Effective Interviewing

Interviewing costs time and money. But if not done well, it will incur even higher costs for not placing the right candidate. Especially small companies often suffer high staff turnover due to lack of a thorough interview process by trained personnel and/or ad-hoc recruitment decisions. Interviewers tend not to be prepared and fail  to ask questions which help collecting the right evidence that determines whether the candidate can successfully perform the job.

How to give constructive feedback and gain buy-in

Have you ever received feedback about something you have done well and something where you may have changed the way you do things? Most of us find it difficult to give feedback , however we all desire to get recognition or guidance when things do not work so well.

Getting it right! How to match jobs with right skills.

Hiring the right people, matching them to the right jobs and ensuring that their talent can be retained and fully utilized seems to be an increasing challenge for small and medium-sized companies. The hidden costs of not getting it right are often underestimated. This course provides hands-on techniques to achieve effective and long term placements.

Inspiring feedback and successful performance management

Good management has a significant impact on employee engagement levels and their overall perception of the organization. Employees who are satisfied with their boss report a much higher intention to stay with the organization than those who are dissatisfied. Those who rate their managers as good also feel that they have promising prospects within the company, as well as confidence in the organization’s future. This workshop teaches practical techniques on how to excel by giving regular constructive feedback and adopting a two-way dialogue.