Inspiring feedback and successful performance management

Good management has a significant impact on employee engagement levels and their overall perception of the organization. Employees who are satisfied with their boss report a much higher intention to stay with the organization than those who are dissatisfied. Those who rate their managers as good also feel that they have promising prospects within the company, as well as confidence in the organization’s future. This workshop teaches practical techniques on how to excel by giving regular constructive feedback and adopting a two-way dialogue.

The workshop is designed to provide participants with tools that facilitate performance management. This includes coaching and inspiring motivation to individuals to improve their performance so that they embrace initiative and continuous improvement this will positively impact the team and the organization as a whole.

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at anybody with staff responsibility. 

Format & duration

This workshop is full of hands-on practice and interactive games. Based on each company’s profile, we will work with interactive methods and business scenarios. This is a half-day course, ideally for a group of 12 people.


  • Learn feedback techniques and how to manage staff underperformance Understand the context and importance of the process.
  • Understand the importance and impact of management, as well as the procedures for action.
  • Learn how to evaluate with objective criteria.
  • Documentation and procedures.
  • Learn techniques on how to conduct a performance appraisal interview.
  • Learn body language.
  • Learn how to deal with situations of disagreement in the interview context.


Half day class room training @650,00€ + VAT for max. 12 attendees.