Getting it right! How to match jobs with right skills.

Hiring the right people, matching them to the right jobs and ensuring that their talent can be retained and fully utilized seems to be an increasing challenge for small and medium-sized companies. The hidden costs of not getting it right are often underestimated. As an example: hiring a candidate who leaves within a year means approximately double the salary as a loss.  Another potential pitfall is the failure to properly assess competencies during the interview or probationary period. This course provides hands-on techniques to achieve effective and long term placements.

The workshop is designed to create awareness of what is involved in the selection and hiring of personnel, obtaining the best results and the responsibility of the personnel involved in the selection process as well as the cost-benefit of the process. We explore the main elements of the recruitment process, including questions to ask your staffing function, and/or the recruitment specialists you work with, to help you achieve greater efficiency.

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at everyone who is involved in recruitment and/or has staff under their care.

Format & duration

This workshop is full of hands-on practice and interactive games. Based on each company’s profile, we will work with interactive methods and business scenarios. This is a half-day course, ideally for a group of 12 people.


  • Learn about the search and promotion process for a position.
  • Review the internal vacancy application process.
  • Review internal recruitment process
  • Understand the importance of “positive indicators”.
  • Understand “observation skills” and the pitfalls of “bias”.
  • Identify and list the most competent candidates
  • Refine interviewing techniques
  • Improve interview recording


Half day class room training @650,00€ + VAT for max. 12 attendees