Sustainability is a journey.

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Does this ring a bell?!

Do you need to put CSR into practice but find change management a challenge in your organisation?
Are you obliged to present a non-financial ESG statement and are struggling in gathering the relevant information?
Are you clear on all the requisites necessary for your reporting? And do you understand how to implement required changes in your company?
Do you have inspiring people capable of leading change in your company?Do they have the required skills and competencies?
Did you ever think that the implementation of an equality plan would allow you to tap into the full pool of talent?
Do you think you have a great product but struggle with commercialisation?
Do you feel the implementation of processes and procedures is too time-consuming?

Transforming the way we work

RESPOND – your one-stop-shop for assistance in developing people, ideas, products or services.

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Focus areas

We work transversal in all these areas connecting the dots from designing a strategy, over training to implement tailored solutions.

Our approach is always participative and actively engages all stakeholders matching top-down ideas with bottom-up development.

Environmental, social and corporate governance for starters – bringing a strategy to life.

Carbon footprint reduction at work – small changes can make a big difference.

Tapping into the full pool of talent – how to embrace inspiring leadership and equal opportunities.

Creating learning organisations and transversal skills for impact.

Healthy work environment for success.

Powerful networks with local communities.

Why work with us?

About us

We are managers, trainers, consultants, project monitors and entrepreneurs, from a diverse background with international expertise in different sectors and cultures. Our pool of reliable contacts offers a wide range of expertise, aiming to mainstream a circular approach wherever possible.

How we work

With a global reading of your ideas, we provide hands-on solutions to your day-to-day challenges. Together we develop tailored, interdisciplinary solutions, creating an added value for the wellbeing of your business. The synergy achieved saves time, effort, and money.


We believe that sustainability is a journey which requires responsible behaviour, commitment, and transparency. This journey will depend on the business culture, its people and an intrinsic approach where environmental, social and corporate governance is embedded in all business processes.

Our commitment

We are guided by the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations in 2015, the call for action and shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.

The following are examples of our workshops and seminars we can provide inhouse. All trainings can be tailormade depending on needs, team size and language (English, Spanish and German).

You may pride yourself with a lot of great initiatives that are aimed at sustainable development. But do you really walk the talk? Can you show that the sustainability agenda starts on your own doorstep and spreads along your value chain? This course will help you to understand how to “translate” a company vision for every employee and align “externally” promoted mission with what you do internally.
Non-profits are driven by passionate individuals and organisation who seek purpose and make an impact. However, the need to achieve financial sustainability, be able to diversify funding streams and tap into corporate social responsibility funds, requires non-profits to adopt a business approach, have efficient procedures, policies and governance in place that ensure transparency. But often small organisations lack skills and competencies required to be able to proof to donors that they can deliver what they say.
Interviewing costs time and money. But if not done well, it will incur even higher costs for not placing the right candidate. Especially small companies often suffer high staff turnover due to lack of a thorough interview process by trained personnel and/or ad-hoc recruitment decisions. Interviewers tend not to be prepared and fail  to ask questions which help collecting the right evidence that determines whether the candidate can successfully perform the job.

Who we are

Uta Werner

Uta is a business professional driven by social change and throughout her life has worked as strategist, manager, coach, consultant, trainer and researcher in high end environments across a wide range of sectors, cultures and countries to inspire businesses and individuals to rethink the way they work.

Janina Faller

After her studies of Business Administration with focus on strategic tourism management, her passion for travelling took Janina around the globe to explore the world during an individual world trip. Later she gained valuable experiences in leading sales & marketing positions in the international tourism industry.

Our core values


We take accountability for our actions and communicate openly.


We inspire responsible action and conscious change.


Honesty and trust are the base of all our interactions.


We consider all individuals of equal value and with equal rights and each business of equal importance for the change we want to achieve.


We want to be disruptive and daring in the way we conduct business.


We are sensitive to your specific needs and company culture.


The business card dilemma

When we started our consultancy “Respond” and investigated how to promote our new venture, we also questioned ourselves on whether we behave responsibly towards the

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