Effective Interviewing

Interviewing costs time and money. But if not done well, it will incur even higher costs for not placing the right candidate. Especially small companies often suffer high staff turnover due to lack of a thorough interview process by trained personnel and/or ad-hoc recruitment decisions. Interviewers tend not to be prepared and fail  to ask questions which help collecting the right evidence that determines whether the candidate can successfully perform the job.

Unconscious Bias

We all have unconscious bias. However, often we are not aware of it which can lead to misunderstanding and negatively impact our decision making. Raising awareness of mental shortcuts that lead to snap judgments—often based on race and gender—about people’s talents or character, will make recruitment and promotion fairer and improve interactions with customers and among colleagues.

How to give constructive feedback and gain buy-in

Have you ever received feedback about something you have done well and something where you may have changed the way you do things? Most of us find it difficult to give feedback , however we all desire to get recognition or guidance when things do not work so well.

Onboarding with success

The more welcome new employees feel, the more motivated they are. A great experience when starting a new job, will help to settle employees more comfortable into their role. Effective onboarding helps to make better connections with others, encourage short lines of communication and to understand the company culture.

How to write an engaging non-financial statement

The importance of non-financial information has increased tremendously during the last years for business leaders, investors, consumers, and authorities. There are only little standards or pre-defined KPIs for this information, which complicates both the process of writing and the accountability of the report. Transparency is key for these statements, which are an essential tool for communication with external stakeholders.

Foodprint km0 – innovative networks and solutions

The journey of food items – from growing, producing, and transporting to storing – is invisible for us as customers and thus neglected in our considerations. Especially industrial food production has a huge impact on our natural resources such as soil, air, and water and on the employees and communities of production sites.

Carbon Footprint Measuring – where to start without getting lost

Legislation regarding emissions for businesses is constantly changing. Measurement of carbon emissions and the corresponding reporting is already mandatory for many businesses, even smaller ones. Getting started with measuring your business’ carbon footprint can be overwhelming when you are not familiar with the concept and the methodology.

Equality & Diversity

Equality is about creating opportunities where everybody can participate and has the opportunity to fulfil their potential. Diversity embraces group and individual differences to ensure everybody’s needs are understood.