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The “foodprint” is the environmental impact of your food from farm to table. Most processes involved in this journey of food items – from growing, producing, and transporting to storing – are invisible for us as customers and thus neglected in our considerations. Especially industrial food production has a huge impact on our natural resources such as soil, air, and water and on the employees and communities of production sites.

Gain insights on key considerations in food consumption and innovative solutions on how to reduce food waste, enforce consumption of local and seasonal goods without compromising on quality and customer satisfaction and how to support regenerative agriculture with hands-on actions in your businesses.

Who is it for?

This knowledge pill is especially designed for those managers involved in the  F&B services of a company, from restaurant owners, to hotel staff, catering companies and event agencies.

Duration & format

This is a 2,5 hour face to face  workshop designed for max. 20 participants where attendees will leave with specific key takeaways that can be implemented immediately.


Understand the legal framework.

Understand the concept of food print.

Learn innovative ways how to reduce and reuse food waste.

Learn the meaning of regenerative agriculture. 

Understand the benefits of a reduced food print for your businesses expenses and for your customer satisfaction rate.

Best practices and specific key takeaways.


2,5 hour training @450,00€ + VAT for max. 20 attendees.