Purpose driven and business smart – Guerilla Tactics for “Non-Profits”



Non-profits are driven by passionate individuals and organisation who seek purpose and make an impact. However, the need to achieve financial sustainability, be able to diversify funding streams and tap into corporate social responsibility funds, requires non-profits to adopt a business approach, have efficient procedures, policies and governance in place that ensure transparency. But often small organisations lack skills and competencies required to be able to proof to donors that they can deliver what they say.

Accountability, transparency & financial health will be the most important selection criteria a donor will seek,  combined with the ability to “think big” and enthuse with an inspiring vision, impact and “can do” attitude. Alignment with goals that match current interests, a good track record, performance and more so, how non-profits will sustain a project beyond funding will play a substantial role in the selection process.

This workshop is designed to highlight the needs from a donor´s perspective and how non-profits can upskill their staff and create a lean, effective, transparent and compliant organisation that makes donors feel confident that their money is well invested.

Who is it for?

The workshop is for business leaders, executives or team leaders interested in learning some best practice tips on how to make their organisations or teams flexible and resilient to change.

Format & duration

This workshop draws on practical examples and works with interactive methods which allows participants create a set of actions they can implement immediately.  This is a half-day course, ideally for a group of 12 people.


  • Understanding key principles of good practice and transparency.
  • Understand importance of fair procedural framework for people management.
  • Learn how to identify potential lack of skills and competencies and how to remedy any shortcomings without spending more money.
  • Learn how to create basic frameworks that help establish transparency and legal compliance across all organisational processes.
  • Learn techniques on how to best collect and track data to measure project progress, impact and budget.
  • Acquire practical tips to enhance donor experience and create loyalty long term.
  • Learn how to create a communications approach to drive high-impact change – internally and externally.


Half day class room training @650,00€ + VAT for max. 12 attendees.