Sustainability – A mandate for managing people and organisational culture



You may pride yourself with a lot of great initiatives that are aimed at sustainable development. But do you really walk the talk? Can you show that the sustainability agenda starts on your own doorstep and spreads along your value chain? This course will help you to understand how to “translate” a company vision for every employee and align “externally” promoted mission with what you do internally.

The course is designed to effectively integrate sustainability considerations in all your HR processes from attracting talent to release. We will explore with you how you can align your HR strategy to your sustainability agenda as well as identify specific hands-on measures that are required to make a sustainable approach work.

Who is the course for?

This course is directed at Owners, Principals, Partners, Directors, Managers, HR professionals who are involved in business strategy.

Format & duration

During this we will take you through the various stages of an employee life cycle from attraction to release. We will explore your current activities in the areas of sustainability, analyse gaps and discuss best practice ways forward. Based on your company profile we will work with interactive methods and business scenarios. This is a half day course ideally for a group of 12 people.


  • Getting it right – attracting and selecting for right skills and attitude(s). Understanding the importance of job descriptions and the development of skills and competencies linked to your sustainability agenda.
  • Induct for culture. We stress the importance of a good induction and what it entails to take your employees with you on the journey of a sustainable approach right from the start of their employment.
  • Understanding the importance and making use of probationary periods for assessing new employees against sustainability criteria.
  • Engage and retain your employees. Understanding sources of employee motivation and exploring best practice in relation to incentivising performance with sustainable development objectives.
  • Measuring the success of contributions from your teams and individuals towards sustainability goals.
  • Giving constructive feedback and making employees accountable for their contribution.
  • Reality check – do you walk the talk? – Understanding how to “translate” a company vision for every employee and align “externally” promoted mission with what you do internally.


Half day class room training @650,00€ + VAT for max. 12 attendees.