The bumpy road  towards sustainability: how to inspire and engage employees

As an organization, you may have a great vision for sustainable development, but do your employees share it? How can you ensure that they support and contribute to your sustainability program? This course will help you understand what hinders and what motivates your employees to participate.

Our training is aimed at giving participants practical tools to implement employee engagement programs in their organizations. In our sessions we explore how to “translate” a vision of the company for everyone, understand what competencies are needed to instill change and what are the sources of motivation for your team. We want you to be able to develop participatory interventions to not only engage your teams, but also to enthuse them to actively embrace change and be accountable for its success.

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at Executives, Managers,  and HR professionals who are involved in business strategy and people management.

Format & duration

This is a half-day course, ideally for 12 people, in which we will explore what makes employees thrive, what their motivations and aspirations are at different stages of their career and how this can be reflected in various forms of retention. We will look at what works well in organizations and why the same interventions may not work well in a different company or organizational culture. By the end of the course, each participant should be able to write an intervention that fits their culture and sustainability program.


  • Understand that engagement begins before your potential future walks in the door.
  • Learn the art of communication and measuring the reception of a message.
  • Learn how to manage change in an inclusive manner where employees and the team are the protagonists.
  • Learn the importance of integrity and honesty in leadership.
  • Learn techniques to create an environment free of undesirable behavior and a culture capable of dealing with conflict.
  • Learn techniques that embrace a sense of belonging, the importance of celebrating success and understanding what employees enjoy as part of the workday.
  • Develop sources of employee motivation and explore the best ways to incentivize performance with sustainable development goals.


Half day class room training @650,00€ + VAT for max. 12 attendees.