Hotel Economics – financial basics for middle management



Financial management and daily hotel operations need to be aligned. However, often middle management lacks sufficient financial tools and understanding to translate financial targets into concrete actions in their day-to-day operational management. Having to create perfect guest experiences, ensure top ratings and meet targets becomes a challenge.  

The “Hotel Economics” workshop provides hotel middle management with the basic knowledge necessary to understand the impact of their daily decisions on the hotel’s results and to ensure their results orientation in the management of the business.

This workshop will help professionals to establish initiatives and action plans that improve the positioning and economic results of their own area of work.

Who is it for?

The course is directed at hotel directors and managers and all middle management with staff responsibility.

Duration & format

The course is designed to be given during 6 hours of face-to-face training, for a maximum of 20 attendees.


Learn how to broaden the strategic vision of the professionals who work in the hotel and to understand the construction of the income statement.

Create  awareness of the need to know the main financial management indicators (KPI’s) of the hotel business.

Learn intelligent management by analysing the main items on which action can be taken, and the role of responsible management.

Learn how to actively collaborate with your hotel management in the definition and execution of improvement plans to increase the hotel’s financial performance.

Understand in a clear way how your daily work influences the hotel’s financial results.


6 hours of classroom training @ 900.00€ + VAT for a maximum of 20 attendees.