Sense the Essential



The “Sense the Essential” training action develops the competencies required in the 2022 context for a “Customer Minded” approach, transforming services into experiences, thanks to communication, commitment and motivation.

If hotel staff manages to engage with their guests, it communicates to them that staff cares for them and that the encounter goes beyond mere transactions. There are many little ways, gestures, problem solving and going the extra mile which will help staff to engage with guests on a deeper level.

Who is it for?

The course is directed at hotel staff at any level.

Duration & format

The course is designed to be given during 6 hours of face-to-face training, for a maximum of 20 attendees.


Understand the customer satisfaction process and how to offer a fair response with the customer in mind.

Understand perceptions and how the culture in which we socialise influences the way we communicate.

Acquire the necessary skills to connect with the guest in a genuine way, and achieve loyalty.

Learn how to turn a service into an experience. 

Learn how to convert knowledge into concrete behaviours,  immediately applicable.


6 hours of classroom training @ 900.00 + VAT for a maximum of 20 attendees.