When leaders are toxic, wellbeing interventions do not work

Organisations claim that they value their people. With the pandemic and its impact on working conditions, mental health challenges at the workplace have moved into a new light. With buzzwords such as “purpose-driven,” sustainability, social responsibility, mindfulness and other, businesses seek to attract people and demonstrate care.  In consequence, eager followers of new work concepts […]

Reducing staff turnover and building sustainable teams starts with the interview

High turnover impacts the sustainable longterm growth of a business and its people. Especially small organisations suffer when employees only stay for a short term, then leave and potentially take knowledge with them. Not to speak of disgruntled team members who have to pick up the pieces. Employers often claim that the majority of staff […]

The business card dilemma

When we started our consultancy “Respond” and investigated how to promote our new venture, we also questioned ourselves on whether we behave responsibly towards the use of resources and our CO2 footprint. One of the questions that popped up when creating our website and digital stationery was whether to use paper business cards. Given the […]